About Us

  • Company Profile

    We, Integrated Public Safety Systems are in the field of high end Public Safety solution having various safe city products designed and developed in India.Our high technology solution includes ANPR (Automatic Vehicle Locator), CAD(Computer Aided Dispatch System), GIS(Geographical Information System), AVL(Automatic Vehicle Locator), CCS(Citizen Centric System), CDSWITCH(911 Emergency).

    Our solution are working in the most dynamic and challenging areas of government and commercial business including Defence,BARC,Police,FSL,GFSU and many more


  • Vision

    Our vision is to make significant contribution by providing mission critical technologies to our state and country.At Integrated100 we believe to providing next generation technologies which can fight against emergency situations. Decision maker can easily get nofication of each and every mission ciricitical activities via text, data, images, videos,etc. alerting people Of a time-sensitive situation with an emergency notification system.

    Whether the solution is operate in a control room , PSAP, Command & Control Center or other environment, officials gets accurate notification and can remain more connected and more mobile.


  • Emergency Notification To The Right Device

    i-CAD helps you quickly and reliably notify and confirm team members to respond during emergency situations without calling trees and confusion. Automatically deliver messages, collect responses, escalate to others, and log all activities for reporting and analysis. Manage the emergency.

    Gets messages quickly to the people who need them
    Speeds the coordination of safety efforts without calling trees
    Provides dependable, accurate notification quickly on any type of communications device

  • Quality

    Integrated100 is recognised for high quality products and services, and is committed towards excellence. The company also places great importance on customers' health and safety in the provision and use of its products and services.Integrated Public Safety Systems Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide customers with wholesome, safe and proven deliverable ,turn - key projects and client satisfaction products within scheduled time frame. It is our endeavour to get the feedback from our esteemed clients and to measure their satisfaction level and further improve upon them. For us quality is a way of life, source of inspiration, satisfaction and pride of striding ahead in business process.