InfraStructure & Airport


Airport security is complex but achievable.The importance of a reliable and integrated security solution.Today’s airports are like self-contained cities that translate into a maze of security challenges for decision-makers charged with:

  • ensuring public safety,

  • guaranteeing business processes, and

  • protecting critical assets.

    These diverse airport challenges represent a potential compromise to the free flow of passenger and vehicle traffic in an environment that relies upon 24 hour synchronized movements. Delays and shutdowns in airports translate into millions in lost revenues for airlines, operators and all the satellite businesses supporting them.In order to deal with these conflicting requirements, it is important that airports seek integrated security solutions. Such solutions help to:

  • heighten airport security

  • improve the passengers experience

  • increase the airport’s efficiency and operating reliability

  • reduce operational risks and costs, and

  • optimize processes.

  • Solution for an effective security management at airports

    For effective airport security, Siemens provides airports a layered concept including the following 3 layers:

    Layer 1: Wide-area surveillance:This includes intrusion detection solutions for airports.

    Layer 2: Security management:Security management that combines, monitors and controls all your airport security disciplines.

    Layer 3: Integrated command and control platform:An integrated command and control platform that provides a coordinated and timely response to incidents as well as the day-to-day running of the site.