Healthcare and hospitals

Hospital Information Management Solution to create more functional and  user friendly system and to provide the more products at retails rates as per the market rates.Also provide the more functionality for multi-level marketing.

The project objective is to improve the management of health facilities and to that end develop a user friendly HMIS to collect reliable information on all activities, and to produce the reports needed by the hospital administration and the Ministry of Health. The HMIS aims to provide timely and accurate information leading to better health care planning, improved diagnosis and increased patient access to health services. Direct users are the health workers, who are expected to:
get better access to patient information
be able to spend more time on patients
be able to spend less time on administration

It is expected that patients will also benefit, as they will:
spend less time in the hospital
 get possibilities to do appointment scheduling
get more insight in bills
get better access to medicines due to better inventory keeping
get better quality control