Command & Control Center for Integrated Waste Dispatch System

We, Integrated Public Safety Systems Pvt. Ltd. is in the field of high end Next Gen-Public Safety Solution having various safe city products designed and developed by integrating technologies.  

Mission Critical Command & Control Centre -  CCC consist of call taker , dispatcher as well as supervisor console providing immediate follow up  using ground level resources by integrating communication , data  as well as Public Safety I.T tools within the Command & Control Centre reducing response time of action.

Below are the tools used for Next Gen-Integrated Waste Dispatch System:


ANPR – Next Gen - Automatic Number Plate Recognition detects and recognizes number plate of dumping vehicles at dumping sites as well as garbage pickup points of city and updates it into the system. System will automatically generate alarm in case of allotted vehicle not reaching the predefined spots & will generate notification/reminders.

Computer Aided Dispatch - CAD is the core ofNext Gen-Integrated Waste Dispatch System .Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) provides real‐time data acquisition and control through user friendly graphics display with an easy to use operator interface system integrating with GIS application to enhance operators to locate and track ground level resources of IWD System.

Automatic Vehicle Locator - The Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) module consists of automatic locator device installed in all dumping vehicle and software module which interacts with Command & Control Centre. The real‐time tracking, movement and location of the dumping vehicle is projected onto a map and displayed onto a PC screen for monitoring.

    Geographic Information System- dumping spots , pickup location, garbage bins ,place of incident as well as incident details with field resources can be mapped on GIS.

     911SWITCH – IP based telephony System enabling IP Phones with Automatic Call Distribution & login features to communicate for Integrated Waste Dispatch System.

     Citizen Centric System – Citizens can share data with IWDS using APP from the smart phones , they can receive updates on their queries on real time basis.


    Communication – One the most important task of this solution will be to communicate to the vehicles at any time through the communication system provided by the solution. This will mainly include voice communication and communication through messages. The vehicles will be installed with these communication devices along with the keypad for typing messages and a microphone for sending voice messages will be available. Also there will be buttons for emergency alerts and SOS messages.

    Control & Command Centre – The Command/Control Centre will be given 24x7 accesses to the IWDS solution where all the officers will be able to track, monitor and manage the vehicles as well the jobs to be carried out. Allocation of jobs, reporting emergencies, real time and dynamic work allocation etc. will be done from the control room. The entire reporting, printing and publishing task related to IWDS can be carried out here. The control room will also have authorities to give access of IWDS to other users based on role and tasks to be carried out.